Dragon Fist

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In the ambiguously distant future a bizarre hedonistic alien race known throughout the galaxy as the SELTZE have enslaved Earth by introducing a bio-engineered bubble gum that controls the human mind and creates docile slaves.

But not all humans have succumbed to oppression; clans of free thinking humans are spread throughout the land, and word is spreading that a weapon with the power to defeat the Seltze has been found: the DRAGON FIST!

In the hands of a master the Dragon Fist would be unstoppable; unfortunately for Earth it’s in the hands of JAKE, a 14 year old boy with a tendency for horse play and no understanding of the Dragon Fist’s true potential.

26 x 11 Minutes


Dorf is trying to teach the infamous 'Way of the Galactic slaps' technique, but Jake just can't get his head around it. It doesn't help that Willie keeps singing the same song over and over again. Meanwhile, the Selze have gotten a new weapon, ‘The X-Station 3000’, a monstrous robot designed to take out the Dragon Fist once and for all. In the ensuing battle Dorf tells Jake that only the Galactic slap will destroy this monstrosity. Will Jake be able to to perform the move that he could never master in practice?

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